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let the classes begin

Well, I've answered the question, in my own individual case, of whether unschoolers are able to cope with going to school for the first time in college: yes. Yesterday I had English 120, which was at the last minute combined with 220 so we're doing writing AND literature. It was a short class, 50 minutes, and we spent most of it going over the syllabus, but it was still a class and I felt no more or less lost than any of the other kids.

Since Macaualay canceled their first year seminar and are doing a series of freshmen meetings instead, I had a 4 hour break where I used to have FYS. I spent it hanging out, reading my Eng 120 guide to literary research papers, and having lunch.

Though also focused on introductions and syllabus discussion, CHC was great. The professor had been recommended to me by my brother and he was right, she's terrific. The class is, in my opinion, relatively unschool-y in that it focuses MUCH more on actually doing things than on silly academic work. (nothing against silly academic work, I am in college after all). We've scheduled to go to 7 or 8 outside events: galleries, shows, opera, rehearsals, and we only have two little papers to write.

The latter part of CHC, which is a very long class, was a discussion of South Pacific. People's thoughts on it were all over the map but we had a fairly interesting talk, and Prof. Lesser mediated it excellently and really respected our ideas.

Today I have Political Science, Political Science discussion, and Psychology, all of which I'm really looking forward too. English is fine but this stuff is really why I came.



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