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finally posting again

I know, I've been terrible about this, but not surprisingly with the start of term I've been quite busy.

So far it's all going well, and since I've been to each of my classes at least once now that bodes well. On Friday I had my second English class, in which we had to write a diagnostic essay in class on our reactions to a poem which our prof. read to us (we also each had a copy). That was kind of stressful, since having never had to do something like that it was kind of a shot in the dark for me. It wasn't that bad once I actually did it, the anticipation was by far the worst part. I'm very curious to see what my professor has to say about it though.

Thursday brought political science and psych, both of which I was really looking forward to. PolSci was rather intimidating as it's one of those big lecture classes, followed by a small honors discussion section with the professor (no-honors groups get TA's). It was a very good lecture, quite interesting. Much of it was at least a little familiar or at least grounded in stuff I knew from my own reading, but still the environment made it seem pretty scary. Thankfully the discussion section was mostly centered on the syllabus. I got out of there rather wiped out though and was glad I had a 1 hour 45 minute break before my next class.

Psych looks like it might actually be pretty easy which would be good, while still teaching us something. Our prof., who is in post-grad herself, was apparently convinced that we'd try to cheat if we thought we could get away with it, and kept telling us not to.

On Fri. I had my first German class, which went well. The teacher is very enthusiastic and bubbly, and rather stereotypical of language teachers. She started off by babbling to us in German which scared us all but then she did start speaking English. She has a nice technique of just talking in simple phrases so we can figure out what sh'e saying (saying "my name is..." while pointing to herself) then asking us the same questions, without burdening us with text until later. I've never tried to learn a language in a classroom setting before and, being a rather tentative learner I had my doubts, but I think it will be at least somewhat productive. This being a non-honors class, we're allowed up to 5 unexcused absences and uncompleted assignments! That's ridiculous!



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